Top 5 Ebike Locks on Ebay 2022

These are the best top 5 ebike locks on Ebay [2022]. These are all at a great price point (still brand new!) and supporting a smaller seller. I am an electric bike commuter based in Summit County, CO. I am excited to share my finds with you and a quick guide of how to decide which lock is best for you.

I love my frame integrated ABUS 460. It suits my needs well!

When shopping for an ebike lock consider the following: visibility where the bike will be locked and length of time bike will be unattended.

Strongest Lock for the Price:

ABUS Granit X-Plus

ABUS Granit X-Plus 540: this is a high quality lock, especially for the price! These retail at REI for $170, and sell through this verified seller on Ebay for $109. This is the upgraded model of the lock I have. The u-shape is compatible with most ebikes, great engineering, and one of the more theft proof materials.

Moderate/Strong Protection + Great Price Point:

ABUS 460

ABUS 460 : this is the lock I have and LOVE. It integrates well into my bike frame. This one is made of slightly lesser materials than the 540 however, it would still require a pretty crafty thief with an angle grinder to steal my bike! This lock is the right decision for me because my ebike is parked in a well lit, camera monitored area that is in a public place. It would be unlikely for someone to use a power tool there. The ABUS 460 is the prefect fit for me!

Strong Protection + Good Brand Reputation:

Kryptonite U-Locks: this brand is very reputable in the United States. They make two main “styles” both a heavy chain lock and the more familiar u-lock. The price point on these is typically quite high. I have high lighted this link to to Kryptonites that are all under $100 which is unseen in a new retailer store. There are plenty of options that are being sold new.

Theft Deterrence + Very Affordable:

Kryptonite Combo Lock

Kryptonite Combo Lock: you might be a candidate for a simple cable lock if you are in a well lit, public space with good visibility. I do carry a cable lock with me most of the time if I am running into the post office or coffee shop and I literally can see my bike out the window. This style is just a deterrent – they can easily be snipped through with a basic cable cutter. I have heard stories of people in campgrounds and trailhead loosing their bikes this way.

Best Long Term Storage Lock + Higher Price:

Kryptonites Fahgettaboutdit Chain Lock

Kryptonites Fahgettaboutdit Chain Lock: this heavy duty chain is for longer term storage or if you locking up multiple ebikes. This would work well for shed storage, at RV park, or outside your house in a busy area. This would likely not work well for commuting or if you had a single bike. I would purchase two locks and use this one as the longer term storage lock. This ebay seller specifically owns a power motor store and has great reviews.

ABUS 460 is still my favorite after reviewing these options. I am also partial to the ABUS Granit X-Plus as it is similar in price and better materials.

Other tips for locking up ebikes:

  • If you are worried remove the battery of the ebike (this is 1/3 the cost of an ebike and will make it less desirable)
  • Some work places allow you to bring your bike inside
  • Dine at establishments that are outside so you can keep an eye on your bike
  • Do not leave bikes unlocked on the back of trucks or bike racks on cars – anecdotally this is the most frequent theft I hear of
  • Consider removing seat post for longer times/front wheel if its quick release
  • Use two locks if you are highly concerned
  • If you are traveling talk to a trusted local person to understand the risk in that area

I hope you find the best bike lock that fits your lifestyle.

Thank you for reading my post. Please let me know what lock you decide on!

Happy Biking – Emily

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