I Carry My Skateboard on My Electric Bike – Bike Commuting Reflections

Silverthorne, Colorado skatepark. I commute on my electric bike and have gotten creative with how to carry my skateboard.

Does it get more fun? I have figured out how to bike commute with my skateboard! Committing to using my electric bike for biking to work and for recreation has been fun but not without some problem solving. As I pursue more bike commuting, I am trying not to get caught up in purchasing more gear.

I use bungee cords to secure my skateboard to a milk-crate on the rear of my bike.

I am seeking a more sleek option of how to carry my skateboard. I have found some models on Amazon that seem like a functional: Skateboard Rack. I have a few qualms about buying more gear for my bike commuting venture however, here are some thoughts on the matter:

  • As I embark on being a bike commuter I am trying to make very conscious decisions on what I purchase.
    • I only want to purchase items that will get used more than 30 times. This an arbitrary number that has been kicked around in the environmental space & content world. I do not know the significance of it exactly, but I like the idea of it. I really only commute with the skateboard once a week in the summer and fall.
    • If I do purchase something for bike commuting, I want to make sure the company I buy from aligns with my other values.
    • I would consider this item if I could find it used.
    • The milk-crate works fine, its just not super secure.

I do not have the answer to buying new gear yet, but I am proud of myself for not rushing this purchase.

A few weeks ago I purchased a dog trailer for Honey, my golden retriever. It has been an uphill battle training her to use it. Honestly, I do not know the odds of us actually keeping it. I did purchase it used, but right now it feels like an unnecessary purchase. I know there is a lesson somewhere in that experience, so I am being extra cautious and intentional on future bike commuter purchases. If you are curious about Honeys journey to being a bike commuter you can read about that here: Bike Commuting with My Golden Retriever – Steps we are Taking to Help Honey Acclimate.

Bike Commuting Reflections

Overall, I am stoked I have taken my skateboard to the park via electric bike! While the world is wailing over inflation and gas prices, and environmental news is mostly doom and gloom – I have a little extra sparkle of contentedness in my bike commuting journey. I see it around me too – more people I know are choosing to bike more and car less. I see the space of micro-mobility growing and I am excited to do more research on the popularity and acceptance of it. I have had a fun weekend of biking and skateboarding!

Upcoming this week on my blog I have some posts about mountain biking updates and some content relating to electric bike commuting specifically. Please connect with me if you are a new bike commuter or have any suggestions about carrying gear!

Happy Biking – Emily

Here are skateboard tips for a total beginner! I learned as a 28 year old and the woman who taught me was 50! I think it is such a cool sport. I made these cue cards for my friend who is deaf so she had some inkling of the “lingo” I was trying to communicate! She teaches me a few signs but unfortunately I am slow at remembering them.

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