20 Ways Bike Commuting Saves You Money

Electric bikes are booming in popularity on our recreation path near Dillon, Colorado. Rightfully so! They are a fun & frugal outdoor activity.

I have identified the 20 ways bike commuting saves you money, some are less obvious than you might think! Bike to work life has significantly helped me increase my savings, and added more fun to my daily commute. I sincerely believe that cycle commuting is an exciting, sustainable method to you save money.

  1. Not paying car insurance! A modest yearly cost of car insurance in the state of Colorado is $500 to $700 a year.
  2. Less or no reliance on gas. National average in June 2022 is $5/gallon for gasoline. I have spent $0 in the last two months.
  3. No expensive vehicle maintenance and repairs. I work on my own bike, watch YouTube, and ask my friends to help me keep my ebike in tip top shape!
  4. Cost of tire & brake replacements. Car brake and tires cost vary greatly, but I will use my KIA Sportage as an example: two years ago I spent $1000 for new brakes/rotors, $800 for new clutch and easily $425 for new tires (due again this year). That is very reasonable for a car. My ebike however, costs $100 total for new tread, and maybe $35 for new pads?
  5. Less cost of car wash. This is typically $10 – $20 at an automated facility. I now use a small bucket of soapy water, bucket of rinse, and chain lube for less than $5 per cleaning (about every 300 miles).
  6. Change in grocery shopping behaviors. I am new to grocery shopping on my bike, I quickly have learned to be MORE INTENTIONAL in the grocery store. Sorry LaCroixs – you are too heavy!
  7. Shift in daily spending habits. I am going to use myself as an example here. When I commuted by car I was less thoughtful with errand running (post office one day, grocery store the next) and more likely to impulse spend i.e drive through coffee. Guess what? Now the coffee shop is NOT on the way, and I am forced to route plan for biking. I highly recommend the Frugal Friends podcast and their blog if you would like to learn more about habit behaviors & spending. I will link to one applicable blog post here.
  8. Long term physical benefits replacing car with cycling. There are numerous public health studies that illuminate how low impact cardiovascular work decrease stress, cortisol levels, cholesterol, and other cardiac enzymes. I am moving more on my ebike than in a car.
  9. Long term mental health benefits. Would adding this low impact exercise help your mental health? Potential savings here if it created healthier habit changes.
  10. No/lower gym membership costs.
  11. Potential E-Bike Tax Credit through Biden’s Build Back Better and the E-Bike Tax Credit ACT. They have not passed YET, but the proposed bill would give consumers 30% back on their purchase of an ebike (types 1 – 3). If you would like to follow along, check out congresses site here. You can read more about Biden’s program overall on this news story on CNBC.
  12. Frugality and fun. Your change in habits, might lead to other interests and hobbies! This summer of 2022 we are choosing more local activities because of gas prices.
  13. Work rewards. Some companies might offer small incentives for biking to work. My job offers a drawing and points worth gift cards.
  14. Increased productivity. There have been some studies suggesting bike commuters are more productive – which might imply availability to make more money!
  15. Lower health insurance. With the increase in lifestyle sedentary diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity in America – adding low impact cycling (like on an ebike!) will help manage these diseases. Many insurance companies if you are willing to get these panels checked at your annual can lower your rates.
  16. Intersection of biking, better sleep, and money management. Low impact cardio, specifically outside, is linked to healthier sleep habits. There are correlative studies suggesting that better sleep and money management are linked as well!
  17. Less sick days. There have been studies documenting bike commuters and sick day trends than non-cyclists.
  18. No parking tickets!
  19. Bikes and Ebikes are fast rate of return. My Aventon (you get 5% using my link friends!) quickly paid for itself.
  20. Happier Life. This one is anecdotical – I admit! I just love how bike commuting shifts my habits and patterns. If you are someone who impulse purchases when you blue – this might be the thing to make you happier!

I hope this list inspires and challenges you to assess your current reliance on the car and consider bike commuting. I had to think critically about my own spending behaviors writing this, and am sincerely excited to see how else bike commuting shakes up my spending! For many people, a few tanks of gas (looking at your truck owners!) would quickly add up to the cost of a modest electric bike. Please connect with me if you a new commuter. I would love to encourage you any way I can.

Happy Biking – Emily

My grocery haul from last week in Dillon, Colorado. Having to intimately pack everything we are buying, consuming, and hauling it yourself does make one pause…
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