My Best Tip for Bike to Work – How to Cycle Commute and Not Get Frustrated

My Best Tip for Bike to Work – How to Cycle Commute and Not Get Frustrated

I bike commute from Keystone, CO to the recreation center I work at which is 7 miles away in Silverthorne, CO. I utilize a mixture of county roads, one hi-way and a lot of beautiful recreation path. I have a TON of stuff I have to bring with me on my bike. This past week was skate camp at the recreation center…so I had to pack my board!

Is bike to work a summer goal for you? Stick around I will share my number one tip for bike to work. Cycle commuting is an amazing avenue to shake up your habits (for the better), reduce fossil fuel use, spend time outside, and of course save money on gas. My first few days of bike to work I ran into a few challenges that could leave the beginner cycle commuter frustrated rather than having fun.

I commute on the Pace 500 by Aventon (first generation) and absolutely love it! I currently just have a milk crate as my main carrying vessel!

My work at the recreation center requires me to pack a large verity of “stuff” to work; skate camp equipment, layers of clothing for outdoor programing, lunch, water, sun block, clipboards/books, extra shoes, swim gear and all of my bike specific gear (rain layers, bike tools etc).

Let me help you friend, especially if you a new cycle commuter! Here is my number one tip: create an evening routine to fully pack your bike for the next day, ultimately leaving your morning stress free and sacred for drinking coffee (or whatever else).

I am the definition of a morning person! When I started when life gives you bike project I was very confident I would make biking to work transition very easily because I love the morning! Instead, I found the first few days a bit hectic and rushed. I still loved it biking to work, but after a few frenzied mornings and frustrations running around the house I knew I had to adopt a system. Messing with my morning flow was not an option.

I find my morning bike commute is much more fun and enjoyable if I pack, check my bike, and have a “ready” routine the night before.

What My Evening Bike to Work Routine Looks Like Now:

For a smooth morning, my night routine has to be dialed. Here is an outline of systems I have put in place for the month of June bike commuting. This list looked significantly different in April and May because we were still experiencing monthly sleet/snow storms.

My Day Pack: I have an old (very old) North Face book bag from when I was in undergraduate that I use everyday. In this pack I have both essentials that live in the backpack for cycle commuting and specific items that get added daily:

  • Packable day pack rain shell
  • Packable wind protection jacket (its tiny)
  • Gortex gloves (CO is cold even in June)
  • Headlamp
  • 18 mm wrench specific to my ebike
  • Extra shoes (now that its June my Birkenstocks for rec center, and I bike in Vans or FiveTens)
  • Head phones
  • Wallet
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglass kit/case (long story here but I have to travel with multiple pair including a a dark lens and light)
  • Daily items I add: lunch, snack, water bottle, and a thermos of tea. I have all the containers sitting out a night ready to fill so I can go quickly!

Bike Specific Considerations:

  • As soon as I get home from work I plug my battery in (I commute on an electric bike), then by the time I am ready to go to bed I go out and install the battery for the next morning. It is not hard to install but it is one less thought in the morning.
  • I check that my ABUS lock is attached to my bike
  • A quick check of tire pressure, brake integrity, and general impression to make sure she is ready to go!
  • Helmet and lenses sitting on handle bars ready to go
  • Depending on temperature/conditions I might remove a rain layer or specific waterproof shoe or glove sitting out and not packed away

What My Morning Bike to Work Routine Looks Like:

  • Coffee
  • Yoga ( at the very least I squeeze in 10 minutes, my goal is to leave 30 min to add a small amount of strength training in as well but I am not quite there yet! Soon I hope!)
  • At least 30 min to hike my golden retriever Honey (we have awesome national forest service trails behind our house)
  • Quick breakfast, and review of whats going to work with me!

My mornings are such a happy part of my day – so you can see why leaving time to bike to work took planning and consideration. I am not willing to compromise that time exercising, hiking etc so adopting a good night routine was essential. Connect with me – I would love to hear what helps your mornings go with out an issue! Do you have a night routine?!

Happy Biking – Emily

My golden retriever Honey, she is a big part of my morning routine!

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