At Home Workout for Skiers, Bodyweight Exercises for Ski Injury Prevention

I have created a series of at home workouts for skiers to do in their own living room. Here in Keystone, Colorado we just got a new inch of snow and I am getting excited for the season. Here is a clip from my first day back on snow (so fun!) I was more tired than I thought from a just a few hours of playing on this feature:

First day back skiing in Keystone, Colorado. Hiking this little PVC pipe for a few hours reminded me I have to start taking my strength training more seriously!

I am very interested in how to avoid ski injury. Last week I posted 17 Tips for Ski Injury Prevention where I discussed the tactical pieces of ski injury prevention but also the components of fitness we need to target. This workout is just one example of the muscles recruited for a stronger ski season.

If you want the printable PDF challenge for ski workouts ( free, its a 5 day challenge) subscribe to my blog here:

Otherwise check back weekly as I will be posting simple, at home challenges to keep myself and my ski clients motivated! I really do believe some is better than none.

These 5 functional movements make up a great circuit for a lower body workout for skiers. These exercises are easy to do at home with body weight only.

Lower Body Workout for Skiers:

This simple workout is actually the first one listed on my 5 day challenge PDF. I like it because it utilizes the whole body with lower body activation. This mimics the the muscle recruitment we actually use in downhill skiing! Nothing fancy and I think you recognize these common exercises (feel free to email me if you still have quesitons).

Exercises this Week:

25 reps Inch Worms (hold the plank portion for about 2 seconds each time)

20 Sumo Squats (this requires glute activation, think about drawing the knees outward)

15 Skaters (lateral power)

10 Glute Bridges (focus on glue activation, do not let your knees collapse inwards)

5 Squat Jumps (choose your own adventure! My squat jump is not super powerful but I hope to ramp it up in the next few weeks…I would like to be able to jump onto higher rails).

Repeat this circuit 2 to 5 times depending on fitness ability.

This single workout is not intended to replace your workout regime but instead, enhance it or motivate you!

As ski season gets closer I am personally aiming to repeat 5 circuits with little to no rest between each set. If you are able to decrease the amount of rest time between each circuit you will start to work more in the aerobic zone which will increase your capacity when ski season rolls around!

To make this workout more challenging try the following:

The inch worms in this workout will evoke more of a cardiovascular response if you are intentional and raise your arms above your head each repetition.

When doing the sumo squat and bridges, try a free weight of your choice to add extra resistance.

Make the squat jump more explosive with more energy. This will make this exercise more a plyometric response.

To make this workout more modified for a beginners fitness level:

Slow the inch worms down, and take it to a toe touch only if need be. You do not have to do the full plank to evoke a cardio vascular response.

Land lightly on your feet with the squat jumps. You do not need to gain a bunch of “air” for it to be effective.

Please let me know how this at home workout went for you! What did you like and dislike?! My goal is to post a new body weight workout each Tuesday. Happy November!

Best – Emily

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