3 Essential Mountain Bike Skills for Beginners

  • One Finger on Each Brake. We want to equally use both front & bake brakes to create a safe and predictable stopping ability. If we reactionary just use that back brake it will results in skidding (potential wipe out!). We also want to learn to modulate the front brake; it is an extremely affective braking tool (that doesn’t mean going over the handle bars!) . The front brake will allow steering will slowing down.
  • Two Eyes Scanning. Develop your ability to scan! If you learn to look past the feature, your bike will roll over object in question. This takes practice, but eventually you will also learn to use scanning to help in banked turns and new obstacles!
  • Level Peddles. Equally weighted level peddles are essential to your growth in mountain biking. When the peddles are parallel to each other you avoid foot injury, learn to roll over the object (instead of one foot getting stuck!), and ultimately begin developing a more balanced athletic position on your bike!

3 Essential Mountain Bike Skills for Beginners with Emily Moravec M. S & Mountain Bike Instructor
The best part of learning the essentials is you get to try new trails that take you to cool places like this arch in Moab, Utah!

4 responses to “3 Essential Mountain Bike Skills for Beginners”

  1. […] I found if I kept myself in an athletic stance I did not have issue with the loose gravely single track. If I got lazy on the downhill or overused the back brake too much, the tail of the bike would skid or slide out. In these situations I reminded myself to fall back on mountain biking 101 that I will link to here : 3 Essential Mountain Bike Skills for Beginners. […]


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