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Thanks for checking out my site! I love outdoor recreational sports and the research behind injury prevention. Ski Season 2021/2022 is here and I will be posting weekly on ski injury prevention!


Hi I am Emily! I live in Keystone, Colorado. I am a professional ski instructor, former bike instructor and completed my M.S Exercise Physiology in 2015. My most recent passion is figuring out how to be a bike commuter! I post exercises for injury prevention – typically through the lens for outdoor enthusiasts & aquatic rehab.

Summer of 2022: “When Life Gives You Bike”. I recently purchased an electric bike and am documenting the experience of “going car free”. I update about all things bike commuting in a rural area, tips, tricks, most of all using this space to keep me motivated and potentially sell my own car! Follow along!

When Life Gives You Bike

Founded in 2021 by Emily Moravec, based in Keystone, Colorado.